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If You Need A Car...We Make It EASY!

U-Drive Auto Sevierville TN
(Photo Last Updated Tuesday - February 28th, 2012)

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How Our Program Works

Our program is designed to help people that need an automobile even if they have less than perfect credit! Price and Payments are based on income. This takes away the negotiating and gives the customer and haggle price once they reach the payment budget. We donít look at credit score! "Cause your are more than a credit score". We finance everyone right here in house! We report to the credit bureau so you can get credit for the payments you make. If you need a car, we make it E-Z just bring in everything on the checklist and U-Drive!!

Price And Payments: We understand that price and payments are important that is why our program is based on your income we donít have "Window Sticker Prices"

Here Is An Example

Customer is looking at a car with a window sticker price of $10,995 Our program will look at your income first to set you up on a monthly payment budget. Lets say that your income budget is set up for a $250 Monthly Payment on our program, our computer program will adjust that price down to fit your $250.00 budget, so that car that was $10,995 may drop down to $8000 or less to fit your payment budget! Thatís why we donít set a window sticker price because it donít matter what the price is on the window sticker, it will get adjusted down to fit your budget! If you still insist on getting a price we will be glad to give you a "Window Sticker Price: we are here to help you get the automobile that you want and we will work hard to get you the best price for the best results let us work our program the way it was meant to be workedÖthis means let us put your income info into our system and get you the best price that we can! We do offer discounts for cash buyers, do not ask us for the best cash price then tell us you want to finance the automobile! We will not help you if you lie to us, you are either paying cash or you need to finance! Just tell us and we will be glad to help you but if you lie you will be asked to leave! We can also finance with your bank or credit union upon request.

How The $500 Down Works!

Everyone asks us how does the $500 down program work, we finance the car, not the down payment, and not the taxes! So, it is $500 down plus the taxes and tags! Now let us explain the taxes in more detail! Here in good ole Tennessee Taxes are 9.25% so lets round that off to 10.00%. If you are buying a car for $5000 taxes of 10% would be $500, $500 Down + $500 Taxes Total Needed = $1000 The higher the automobile the higher the taxes! Real Numbers! Cars will be between $800 to $1200 total to drive off, trucks and suv's will be between $1000 to $1500 to drive off this should cover the taxes, tags and down payment.

The E-Z Thing To Do!

The E-Z thing to do is tell us what you are working with and let us work hard to make it work with what you have. We want to sell you an automobile so we will try to make the deal with what you have to spend!

Check List

This May Seem Like A Lot Of Stupid Stuff Just to Buy An Automobile, But If You Will Get The Stuff On This Check List, We will Put You In An Automobile!

1. Proof Of Income: Everyone must prove income since this is what our program is based on. Year to Date Pay Stubs are the best but if you donít get Y-T-D Stubs we can use just about anything, copies of checks, hand written stubs will work but you may be asked to bring us copies of the last 4 check! We can take job letters if that is the only way to prove your income but they are done on a case by case basis!
2. Proof Of Residence: A Utility Bill of some sort, if you donít have this anything that has been mailed to your address with a postmark will workÖEven junk mail but it must have a postmark on it that is not over 30 days old!
3. Phone Bill: We must have a phone bill, even if its not in your name, we know some people are on others peoples phone plan or lives with someone and the phone is not in their name, that is ok just bring us a phone bill with the address showing where you live on it! We donít care whoís name it is in but we have to prove that you do have a phone that you can be reached on, if all you have is a pre paid phone please bring us a print out from the provider, they will give you one is asked! If you still canít get a print out bring us a receipt showing where you have put time onto your phone! Sometimes you may be asked to get a budget phone from Krogers to get the deal done if you canít prove good phone stability!
4. Driver License/ID Card/Social Security, Out of state driver license and ID only are done on a case by case basis, we also need a copy of social security card if you have one, I f not we need a copy of your tax payer ID Number
5. Fill Out the ref sheet and 3 yr history sheet, both sheets must be complete
6. $500 Down + Taxes We do not take credit cards or checks (Cash Only)
7. Insurance Full coverage is required if you donít have insurance or the cash for insurance donít panic we can help with this!

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U-Drive Auto
732 Parkway - Sevierville TN 37862-4320 (865) 453-3561
Latitude: N35į 51.3660' ~ Longitude: W83į 34.0990'
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