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  Great Smoky Mountains Parkway (In Depth Review)

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(Compiled by Not Affiliated With Blaine's Grill & Bar Whatsoever)
(For Travel Planning Use Only, ALL Data subject to change without notice)

Bringing The Best Dining & Entertainment To The Smoky Mountains

Blaines Grill And Bar Gatlinburg TN
(Photo Last Updated May 24th, 2012)

bulletOffering A 'New Orleans Approach'
bulletDine On The Balcony Overlooking Downtown Gatlinburg
bulletBlaines Night Club Offers The Largest Dance Floor In Sevier County
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(Compiled by On 02/02/10 Not Affiliated With Blaine's Grill & Bar Whatsoever )
(For Travel Planning Use Only, ALL Data Subject To Change)

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Blaine's Buttermilk Battered Onion Rings: Fresh onion slices coated with a light buttermilk batter - served with smoky mountain BBQ sauce. $ 6.95
Crispy Chicken Tenders: Beer-battered strips of chicken breast fried golden brown and served with a honey mustard sauce. $ 7.45
Artichoke & Spinach Dip:  A hot, creamy blend of cheeses with artichoke and spinach, served with fresh tortilla chips & salsa for dipping. $ 8.95
Char-Grilled Chicken or Beef Quesadilla: Fresh flour tortilla filled with cheddar and Monterrey jack cheeses, pico de gallo and lots of hot, char-grilled chicken. (Ask for extra spicy!) $ 7.75
Hot Chips & Salsa: Basket of fresh hot chips with salsa on the side. $ 3.99
Fried Mozzarella Sticks: Fresh mozzarella sticks fried to a golden brown and served with their own marinara sauce. $ 6.25
Blaine's Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers: Deep fried to a golden brown & served with their fresh salsa.  Try cream cheese, cheddar cheese, or both. $ 5.95
Spicy Buffalo Wings: Served with carrots and celery sticks. Bleu cheese dressing served on the side. $ 6.95
Deluxe Nachos: Hot tortilla chips topped with red-eye chili, cheddar & Monterrey jack cheeses, pico de gallo, jalapenos, olives and sour cream. $ 7.35
Deluxe Potato Skins: Loaded with cheddar & Monterrey jack cheeses, green onions, bacon and sour cream. $ 6.95

Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island, Italian, Ranch, Honey Mustard & French Dressings
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Southwestern Salad Strips of beer-battered chicken tossed with a bed of fresh salad greens topped with tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, eggs, bacon and carrots. Served with honey mustard dressing $ 7.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Marinated chicken breast tops a crisp Caesar salad; garnished with parmesan cheese, jumbo olives, fresh croutons & caesar dressing $ 8.25
Grilled or Blackened Chicken Salad Choice of char-grilled or blackened chicken breast over a bed of fresh salad greens topped with tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, eggs, bacon & carrots $ 7.95
Taco Salad Crisp tortilla chips, chili, cheddar & jack cheeses, black olives, jalapenos, tomatoes & green onions served over shredded lettuce, topped with sour cream & a side of fresh salsa $ 7.95
Crisp Caesar Salad *with grilled chicken add $ 2.25 $ 4.45
Blaine's Red Eye Chili Bowl Blaine's Red Eye Chili inside a fresh bread bowl topped with monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese and chives $ 6.95
Blaine's Soup of the Day Piping hot and made fresh daily! Cup  $ 2.50
Blaine's Soup of the Day Piping hot and made fresh daily! Bowl $ 3.50
Chinese Chicken Salad Blaine's favorite marinated chicken breast served over tossed greens w/crisp chinese noodles, mandarin oranges and green onions with our own sesame seed dressing $ 7.95
'Garden Fresh Salad A bed of fresh salad greens topped with tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, eggs, bacon & carrots $ 4.45
Pasta Salad Our large bowl of freshly cooked pasta topped with tomatoes and vegetables - seasoned with our own italian dressing with grilled chicken add $2.25 $ 5.95
Blaine's Fajita Salad Choice of Grilled Fajita Chicken or Steak on a fresh bed of lettuce, topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, cheese, and finished off with our grilled red & green peppers, onions and a side pico de gallo $ 8.45
Combo's: 1/2 Club & Garden Salad or Soup A bowl of today's hot soup or fresh garden salad served with 1/2 croissant club  $ 7.95
Hot Soup & Garden Salad Our soup of the day served with a crisp garden salad & crackers $ 6.95

Served With Choice Of The Following: Crisp French Fries - Cole Slaw - Pasta Salad
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Big Al's Chili Size 1/2 lb. Ground sirloin burger topped with lots of red eye chili, onions & cheddar cheese $ 7.45
French Dip Sandwich:  Tender roast beef served on a french roll with monterey jack cheese & grilled onions - Served with au jus (horseradish sauce on request)$7.95 $ 7.95
California Dreamin Roast beef & cheddar cheese on grilled sourdough bread, topped with tomatoes, lettuce and ranch dressing $7.45 $ 7.45
Kirby's Gatlinburg Ranchero: Charbroiled burger on grilled sourdough bread, topped with crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions & Blaine's Smoky Mtn. BBQ Sauce $ 7.95
Deluxe Burger ½ lb. Ground sirloin burger deluxe with tomato, lettuce and pickle (Add Cheese $.50 Add Bacon $ .50 $ 7.25
Prime Rib Sandwich: Aged prime rib served on grilled sourdough bread with hot au jus $ 8.95
Deluxe Chicken Sandwich:Served on a whole wheat bun, smothered with monterey jack cheese, lettuce and tomato - topped with honey mustard sauce $ 7.65
Country Club Croissant: Smoked turkey topped with monterey jack cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato - a touch of mayonnaise and honey mustard sauce added on the side $ 6.95
Chicken Ranchero: Charbroiled chicken on grilled sourdough bread topped w/ crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions & Blaine's Smoky Mtn. BBQ Sauce $ 7.65
Tennessee Pulled Pork Sandwich Pulled pork sandwich complete with Blaine's Smoky Mtn. BBQ Sauce served with baked beans and cole slaw $ 7.65

Entree Includes One Side Item, Hot Bread & Your Choice Of Garden OR Caesar Salad
Get A Loaded Potato For Just 50 Cents More!
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Chopped Steak Chopped sirloin served with grilled onions & mushroom gravy $10.95
New York Strip Our famous New York Strip "Beale Street Style" Choice Cut 10 oz. served on a sizzling skillet smothered in our sautéed onions and mushroom gravy $18.95
Steak & Shrimp Center cut top sirloin and beer-battered shrimp served on a bed of rice $17.95
Hawaiian Sirloin Top sirloin marinated in teriyaki sauce. Served with grilled sliced pineapple $15.95
Ribeye steak 10 oz. Prime usda-aged omaha beef, choice cut from the center of the loin and prepared to your liking $17.95
Center cut top sirloin Blaine's cut (10 oz.) $16.45
Center cut top sirloin Reg. Cut (7 oz.). $11.95
Blaine's slowly-roasted prime rib Blaine's cut (12 oz.) A generous cut of tender, choice aged beef - served with au jus (blackened or grilled) - the best you have ever tasted! (Garlic upon request) $17.95
Blaine's slowly-roasted prime rib Reg. Cut (8 oz.) A generous cut of tender, choice aged beef - served with au jus (blackened or grilled) - the best you have ever tasted! (Garlic upon request) $15.95
Filet mignon The finest cut of meat available! Lean, tender Center cut - our best! (Subject to availability) $20.95

Blaine's Award-Winning Smoky Mountain-Style Ribs Served With Baked BBQ Beans & Cole Slaw
Slowly Baked And Lightly Smoked With Their Own BBQ Sauce
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

St. Louis Spare ribs (Full Slab) $17.65
St. Louis Spare ribs (1/2 Slab) $13.65
Sizzlin' Fajitas Your choice of steak, chicken or combo... Served with pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, sour cream & hot floured tortillas Add shrimp for $2.95 $11.95
 ½ Slab & BBQ Chicken ½ slab of our ribs, and tangy bbq chicken breast $16.95

Garden Side Salad - Add $1.95
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Marinated Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Boneless chicken breast marinated in our rich teriyaki sauce and topped with a pineapple slice on a bed of rice & your choice of 1 side item $10.95
Grilled Chicken Lite Marinated boneless chicken breast, smothered in lemon butter & served on a bed of rice with a side of steamed vegetables $10.75
Smoky Mountain Grille: Marinated chicken breast topped with bacon, BBQ sauce and melted Monterrey jack - you choice of 1 side item. $10.95
Country Style Chicken: Breaded boneless breast of chicken deep-fried to a golden brown, smothered in homemade gravy and served with mashed potatoes. $10.95

Entree Includes Hot Bread With Your Choice Of Soup OR Garden/Caesar Salad
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Deep Fried Mississippi Catfish: Served with creamy cole slaw and French fries $11.95
Smoky Mountain Rainbow Trout: 8 Oz. fresh butterflied trout served with rice pilaf and fresh steamed vegetables. $13.95
Jumbo Beer Battered Shrimp: Jumbo shrimp dipped in their own beer batter and deep-fried to perfection - served on a bed of rice pilaf (Includes 1 side item) $15.95
Grilled Salmon: Afresh salmon steak brushed with special spices, grilled to perfection and topped with our fresh pico served over a bed of rice pilaf and a side of fresh steamed vegetables $14.95

The Highest Quality Pasta Cooked Al Dente -  Fresh Hot Bread
Add Side Salad - $1.95
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo: Grilled chicken strips & broccoli tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce, then sautéed with fettuccini. $ 9.95
Chicken Parmesan Penne: Breaded chicken breast sauteed in Alfredo and marinara sauce with penne pasta $ 9.95
Lemon Pepper Pasta: Lemon pepper pasta, mushrooms, garlic, jumbo shrimp & spinach tossed in their own creamy Alfredo sauce. $11.95
Lasagna: Made fresh daily with 3 cheeses, layered in sheets of fresh pasta, baked in out own red sauce. $ 9.95
ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change
bulletPasta Salad - $ 1.95
bulletCreamy Cole Slaw - $ 1.75
bulletSteamed Rice - $ 1.95
bulletSteamed Fresh Vegetables! $ 2.25
bulletFrench Fries - $ 2.25
bulletBaked Potato - $ 2.25
bulletLoaded Baked Potato - $ 2.95
bulletOld Fashioned Mashed Potatoes - $ 1.95

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Mudd Cake: Chocolate fudge cake covered in hit fudge & caramel topped with whipped cream. $ 5.25
Cheese Cake: Classic New York-Style cheese cake topped with strawberry sauce. $ 5.25
Blaine's Outrageous Mountain Sundae - French vanilla ice cream smothered in strawberry sauce, fudge sauce and lots of whipped cream. $ 4.95
Kahlua Mousse: An extra light & creamy chocolate, mousse touched with Kahlua Made fresh daily & topped with a sweet sugar wafer $ 5.95

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Iced Tea, Coffee (Free Refills) $ 1.95
Milk, Always Ice Cold (No Refills) $ 1.75
Ice Tea, Coffee (Free Refills) $ 1.95
Root Beer (No Refills) $ 1.95
Lemonade (No Refills) $ 1.95

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

"Blaine Magic" 1800 Margarita: 1800 Cuervo, cointreau, lime, sweet & sour - Topped with Grand Mariner. $ 7.95
"Too Blue To Cry": Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, sweet & sour mixes topped with Blue Curacao. $ 7.95
Fllirtini: Absolute Citron, Malibu, sweet & sour, pineapple juice & cranberry juice $ 6.95
Blaine's Pineapple Upside Down Blast: Malibu rum, Stoli vanilla, pineapple juice and a splash a grenadine. $ 6.95
Tennessee Bull Dog: Stoli vanilla, Kahlua, Creme of cocoa. $ 6.95
Smoky Mountain Mudslide: Vodka, Bailey's, Kahlua & ice cream. $ 7.95

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

bulletBacardi Silver!
bulletBeck's Light!
bulletBud Ice!
bulletBud Light!
bulletKillian's Red!
bulletMichelob Light!
bulletMiller Lite!
bulletSmirnoff Ice!
bulletAmstel Light!
bulletBeck's Dark!
bulletBud Ice Light!
bulletCoors Lite!
bulletMichelob Ultra!
bulletMolsen Ice!
bulletRolling Rock!
Sutter House (HOUSE) GLASS ONLY: White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon. $ 4.25
Berringer: GLASS: White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon. $ 4.75
Berringer: BOTTLE: White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon. $18.95
Pinot Grigio: (Glass) $ 6.25
Reisling: (Glass) White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon $ 6.25

ALL Prices & Data Subject To Change

Blaine's Iced Godiva JavaL Godiva, Kahlua, Bailey's Stoli Vanilla. $ 5.25
Cafe Java Coffee: Kahlua, Amaretto, coffee, whipped cream. $ 4.95
Irish Coffee: Jameson, Kahlua, coffee, whipped cream & Creme De Menthe. $ 4.95

A 15% Gratuity Will Be Added To Parties Of 8 Or More

Approximate Distance To Or From Starting & Ending Points
Sugarlands Welcome Center (Gatlinburg / National Park)
& I-40 At Exit 407
(Reset Your Odometer At EITHER Point When Starting On The Great Smoky Mountains Parkway)

Sugarlands Welcome Center (Gatlinburg / Ntl Park): 2.12 Miles I-40 / Exit 407 (Kodak / Sevierville): 21.97 Miles

Blaines Grill & Bar
812 Parkway #105 - Gatlinburg, TN 37738-3220 (865) 430-1978
Latitude: N35° 42.6581' ~ Longitude: W83° 31.1194'
Located AT Traffic Light #8 

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