6 Procedures for setting up a business in Dubai

Dubai is one of the leading market places where people from all over the world establish their businesses and enjoy the world-class facilities offered by the place.

The company registration process in Dubai follows basic steps that are essential to set up businesses in Dubai. The vat consultants dubai offer feasible services to the business owners and the entrepreneurs during the initial phase of their business setup.

Since there are some procedures to follow, we have come up with a list of 6 procedures for setting up a business in Dubai so that you could adhere to the simple steps and set up your businesses effectively.

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1. Selecting the right Premises

It’s essential to select the right premises based on your business activity and business setup. Dubai offers several choices so the business owners and the entrepreneurs can easily choose their required place as per the need of the business.

2. Registering for a Trade License

The next essentials step is to register for a trade license. It’s necessary to have a trade license in Dubai for the businesses to execute their trade-related activities and other business operations.

3.  Types of Licenses

There are three types of licenses such as Commercial, Industrial, and Professional license. It’s essential to have these any 1 of these licenses to carry out your business from any part of the UAE.

4. Setting up a Bank Account

The next step requires you to set up your bank account so you could successfully follow and manage your business transactions. It would be good to hire a consultant who could help you with all the necessary requirements as it could be a great confusing deal for the new business owners.

5. Registering your Trade Name

It’s also essential that you choose a good trade name that represents your business activity and your brand’s image. It’s also important to check the list of the names of the company and see if the name has copyright issues or not.

6. Family Sponsorship

Consider this a final and additional step as you can easily sponsor your family as soon as you get your license. The process is simple and it would take a few weeks to get some approvals. That’s why it’s essential to submit all the required documents of your family to the designated authorities as soon as possible.

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