5 Types of Smokers You Will Come Across At Some Stage

Smoking is the action of inhaling and exhaling the vapors of burning plants. The most common plant smoked is tobacco. Some people also smoke marijuana and hashish. Smoking can be of different types. You can either smoke a cigarette or light up a pipe or cigar. Many people occasionally smoke shisha or hooka too or straight up chew tobacco in their mouth.

14 out of 100 people are smokers. Every smoker has a different reason as to why he smokes. People light up a cigarette whenever they are happy, sad or stressed; if they want to lose weight or if there is peer pressure. Whatever the reason is, they love a good cigarette and are always ready to light another.

Just like there are different reasons to smoke, no two smokers are the same. There are many types of smokers you have come across at some point in your life.

The following are the list of 5 most common types of smokers.

The chain smokers:

A chain smoker is a person who constantly smokes in succession. Some people even use the ember of the previous cigarette to light the next one. This is due to the nicotine addiction. This causes a person to remain high on nicotine and light cigarette after cigarette until it becomes a habit.

Surreptitious smokers:

These types are quiet smokers. They smoke in private when no one is around and hide their habit to everyone especially those close to them. They go out of their way to keep this a secret using mouth fresheners, chewing gums and mints.

Skinny smokers:

These types of smokers smoke cigarettes for an entirely different reason. They usually smoke because they are body conscious and want to lose weight. It is found in research that nicotine found in cigarettes targets a certain area of the brain to suppress appetite. This decreases the weight and makes you skinnier.

Social smokers:

These people usually smoke having a drink or in gathering hence the word social. They can go from not smoking for a week to smoking 5 cigarettes at a time. It all depends on their mood.

Committed smokers:

These are the most common type of smokers. These people smoke every day and have no plans on ever quitting. They don’t care if people accept them or not.

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