Finding a versatile POS system for your business

You must have heard about retail POS systems, but have you ever tried to rent or purchase one? It would help you find a POS system that matches your business needs. A quality POS system in Dubai will keep transactions tracked and register them in the memory. These can be recalled by the user if and when needed.  Businesses now use point-of-sale (POS) systems instead of conventional methods. If you are thinking of switching to a POS system and not yet due to reduced costs or simply because you do not know precisely what they can do, then this article is for you.


The most obvious benefit of a POS system is that it makes the job of the server much more comfortable. It allows servers to enter orders quickly and efficiently. The need to get a handwritten ticket in the kitchen and the other bar is eliminated because once the server sends the request, the system automatically sends a ticket to each appropriate station as it was entered. Instead of rushing around to make sure all of these orders are in place, the server at the table that provides quality service frees up time. It’s also beneficial for printing checks and running credit cards. Most systems have a credit card system, and all the server has to do is slide the card and sign the guest ticket that prints the machine.

Also, at the end of the shift, all the server has to do is print a daily report. This report will list food sales, alcohol sales, credit cards, and all sales broken down in cash. It will provide a final statement of money, so all that the server has to do is be in tickets and cash. The server does not have to sit down and add all the tickets, then subtract the credit cards to determine the end bank, or there is no danger of losing the ticket.


A POS system is also a great training tool. New employees can play with the system in training mode and become familiar with the menu. Because the system will ask for changes such as meat temperature, the trainee learns that in order to send a ticket to the kitchen, they must ask specific questions at the table. Those of you who own restaurants must try revel restaurant POS and see how it in action. 

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