How to market your product?

What is marketing?

Have you ever thought about?

If yes, then great but if no then just read below!

Dictionaries gives bulk of definitions to describe and define marketing but the easiest and the simplest explanation and definition of marketing is to promote your product or services such areas and locations from where you get buyer or people who would love to buy them.

Marketing is not current practice to promote the brand. It is used in history or in past as well. In past people used to stand on steep or bit raised area to call out people to tell them what they have made and why it is special to use or to barter. Similarly in nineties and eighties, papers, TVs and Radios were used to tell the people about new service and product. Standing on hill to tell people could market the product among few people but the methods of nineties and eighties could market it to lager people and audience who live in the area where the papers were distributed and shows were aired. However, these methods are still used. That’s the reason why there are advertisement section in newspapers and magazines and why there are advertisements between shows.

But, are they still as effective as they were in past?

The answer is simply, NO.


The reason is technology. Technology has changed all dynamics. The arrival of technology has connected Antarctica with Asia too much that the suit, marketed for the people of Pakistan, could be seen by people sitting in USA. This technology has brought

  1. Internet
  2. Networking sites, and
  3. Social media

Social media has filled all gaps in communication as explained above. Today whatever you will post there will be seen by the whole world if it has some catchy words and if it follow some rules of social media.

If you want your post to get viral, you need to put some tags, add picture and engaging content. These rules are followed by marketers especially so that they do not need to spend their money on making advertisements of their products and services.
They use different platforms like

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram, and
  3. Twitter.

They make their accounts and pages on these sites and post content and pictures regularly.  They hire:

  1. Writers
  2. Photographers, and
  3. Graphic designers

Who can give them excellent slogans and pictures which can give them likes and followers. So these are ways which are used by every business setup company in Abu Dhabi! Checkout example of LLC company formation in Abu Dhabi and learn to use social media to market the product for cheap. All you is creativity and you will then need no one!

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