What Are The Three Parts Of A Vape?

What Are The Three Parts Of A Vape?

When it comes to a vape in Abu Dhabi, you might be wondering what is inside it. There are three main parts: the atomizer, coil, and wicking. Let’s take a look at each. They may sound complicated, but they’re not. Once you understand them, you can make your vape work for you.


The atomizer of a vape is the heart of the device and what makes it work. The atomizer burns e-liquid to produce vapor. Originally, it was just a coil that burned the liquid, but with time it expanded to cover the entire vape tank. Although the design has changed, its role remains the same. The wicks in the atomizer absorb the e-liquid, which heats the coils and vaporizes the liquid.

The atomizer is one of the first things to learn about a vape device. The atomizer is what heats the liquid into vapor, and it is usually located near the liquid cartridge. While there are different types of atomizers, there are some common types that you should know about.


A coil is a cylindrical device with one or more turns that can create a magnetic field. It generates electricity when electricity passes through it and is commonly used in transformers and electric motors. It is also used in loudspeakers and solenoids. Its resistance value is typically below one ohm.

A coil can be made of several types of materials. Ferromagnetic materials are commonly used in electromagnetic coils. The iron inside a ferromagnetic core adds to the magnetic field produced by the wire. In some cases, ferromagnetic core coils can increase the magnetic field hundreds of times. Another type of coil has empty air space in the windings.


When threading the wicks of a vape, be sure to use aglets (the thin coating on the ends of shoelaces). These aglets make threading easier and will help you create more even vape coils. After threading the coils, make sure the wicks are fluffed with tweezers. This will help to open up the tight patches of cotton and allow quick juice absorption.

Wicking materials vary greatly. The best material for wicks is non-bleached organic cotton. The material used must be compatible with your device. Mesh wicks may be incompatible with modern vaping devices. While mesh wicking is not a practical choice, experienced vapers still use stainless steel mesh.

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