Artificial vs natural grass

If you are working on the exteriors of your newly constructed home then you must be finding it hard to decide whether you should install artificial grass in your garden or you should go with the natural grass to decorate it. Of course, this decision should be based on your personal preferences and likings. But you will also have to make sure which option is more feasible for your garden to opt for. There are a number of things that you will have to take care of when choosing between artificial and natural grass for your garden. Following are a few things that will make it very easy for you to decide whether you should look for a horticulture company to install natural grass in your garden or you should get artificial grass for your garden from one of the best artificial grass suppliers in Dubai.

1- Maintenance

If truth be told, one of the biggest reasons behind the immense popularity of artificial grass among homeowners is the fact that it requires very low to no maintenance which is not the case with the natural grass. Unlike natural grass, you will not have to trim, fertilize or water your garden regularly to maintain its beautiful look and feel.

2- Maintenance cost

As we discussed above, artificial grass does not require any sort of maintenance like natural grass. This means that you will not have to worry about spending money on its maintenance. On the other hand, by having natural grass in your garden, you will have to spend good amount of money on its maintenance every month.

3- Pets friendly

If you are hesitant to install artificial grass at your home just because you have pets, especially dogs, then relax. Artificial grass is pets friendly and causes no harm to pets. Moreover, artificial grass that you will use for your garden will be strong enough that your pets will not be able to destroy it or dig through it which is a very big issue with natural grass.

4- Best for all seasons

No matter how carefully you maintain your garden, you will not be able to maintain it in a lush green state throughout the years. It will respond differently to different weathers. On the other hand, by installing artificial grass in your garden, you will be able to enjoy having your evening tea in your lush green garden throughout the year. Look at here for more information in this regard.

7 Reasons to Use a Breast Pump

A breast pump is a very useful tool for mothers that enables the mothers to breastfeed their child easily so their child could have a healthy body and grow up easily.

As these breast pumps offer several benefits, many mothers also look to find a breast pump in Dubai so they could feed their child properly even if they are leading a very busy lifestyle.

That’s why we have come up with 7 reasons to use a breast pump so that the mothers could know better about its use and significance for their baby.

Learn here further details in this regard.

1. Saves from supplement feedings

It enables the mothers to breastfeed their child exclusively without the need to use infant formula for feeding the baby with supplements during their meal times. It also provides them with many health benefits so the child could grow up to be healthier.

2. Enables the mothers to relax

It provides great comfort to mothers and enables them to relax while having a long tiring day at work. It also helps them to save the milk by pumping it and storing it so that the baby could be fed easily when he is hungry.

3. Allows other members to feed the baby

It easily allows other family members to feed the baby when the mother isn’t around or when she is working or sleeping so that other people could develop a great bonding with the baby too.

4. Helps the baby to grow quickly

Even if the baby is premature or weak, the breastmilk has many nutrients that help the baby to recover fast and grow up quickly depending on the supply of milk.

5. Great for Emergency supply

In times of emergency, the breast pump helps the mothers to save the supply of breastmilk to feed the baby for a long time. Sometimes the mothers get sick too, that’s why storing the breastmilk in the freezer could help the other members to feed the baby on time.

6. Provides convenience

It helps the mothers to feed their baby from bottles only. Sometimes it becomes tough for a mother to breastfeed her baby. That’s why they choose to feed the babies through a bottle while using a breast pump to pump all the breastmilk into the bottles.

7. Provides comfort in case of adoption In rare cases, it helps the mother to feed their adopted babies or even donate their breastmilk to the unfortunate hungry babies as an act of kindness.

10 Steps to start an online beauty business in Dubai

There are many online service providers that offer freelance hair and make-up artist. Dubai based entrepreneurs have all the facilities to work from home, earn a good amount of money and at the same time establish their businesses in the future.

If you think that you are creative and confident about your skills, then establishing an online beauty salon could be the right choice for you.

You just need to choose your area of expertise or even if you are providing hair and make-up home service, you need to be very specific about the details before opting them as a business.

Here are 10 steps to start an online beauty business in Dubai.

1. Choose your treatments

Choose whether you’ll be providing them with a variety of services as a whole or just limited service. For instance, you need to understand the difference between setting up a spa and a beauty salon. If you choose both of them in the initial phase, it would result in a higher investment. 

2. Pick a name for your salon

Your name is your identity. Choose a name that resonates with your unique services and most importantly defines who you are.

3. Write a business plan

A business plan basically is a set of complete list of project details that contains all the information required to start and complete a project.

4. Understand the costs

Calculating all the costs is a complicated task as it requires calculating all the pre and post investment costs. You need to specific about it and practical too.

5. Explore funding options

There are many funding companies that invest in start-up businesses or help the start-ups get through their initial investment phase by offering loans or rewarding schemes.

6. Understand the regulations

Before starting any business, understand the rules and limitations regarding the business. There are specific terms and conditions that you need to obey before registering your business.

7. Find a premise

This applies if you’re starting a permanent business that offers online beauty services with a team. Otherwise, your home could be as good as any place for an online start-up.

8. Gather all the products

Obviously, you’ll need some supplies and products in the early stages of your business. Make a list and gather all the necessary products for your potential clients.

9. Hire beauty therapists

If you’re opening a beauty salon that offers all the services then you’ll most likely need to hire a team or some staff members to help your business grow effectively.

10. Market your salon

Choose the right platforms to market your business. First of all, get your name registered in the list and build your own website. Then, promote it on multiple social media platforms and start earning from it.