7 Dubai Expo 2020 projects that we all are waiting for

Dubai is all set to open the door for new wonderful opportunities through introducing the new Dubai 2020 projects to the world. The city is currently planning to open a lot of tourist spots and construction projects till 2020.

The business owners and the entrepreneurs from all over the world are investing in Dubai’s economy and planning to live as residents so they could improve their standards of living and have access to all the world-class facilities of the world.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 7 Dubai Expo 2020 projects that we all are waiting for to provide you some more insights about these innovative projects.

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1. Aladdin City

The Aladdin city is a wonderful concept taken from the mythical tales of Aladdin and Sinbad. It will soon be established in the middle of Dubai Creek as the project is already in its construction phase. It includes air-conditioned bridges, towers with moving floors, parking areas, and driveways.

2. Jewel of the Creek

The Project Creek is planning to be launched soon and will include an apartment building, towers, hotels, recreation center, marina, spaces for shops and restaurants, a convention center, and a ballroom for all the visitors.

3. Al Habtoor City

It’s not easy to establish a multi-billion UAE Dollars projects in just a few years. The place will include high-octane hotels and resorts. Apart from that, it will also include residential towers, gardens, and cafes for the people.

4. Deira Islands

One of the popular projects, Deira Islands will be a heaven for the visitors. The project includes serviced apartments, marinas, shopping malls, Arabian style night market, and luxurious yachts.

5. Bollywood Theme Park

This project is for all movie lovers. It includes a theme park that will include all the Bollywood-themed performances with plenty of other entertainment options. It will also include Legoland Dubai and Motiongate Dubai.

6. Bluewaters Island

The place will provide all sorts of luxurious entertainment to visitors. The project includes residential zones, a five-star hotel, more than 200 retail shops, eateries, entertainment spots, and many other options all in one inside a beautiful island located near the Jumeirah Beach Residence.

7. MBR City

Muhammad Bin Rashid City introduced by Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid has already launched many successful projects and is currently working on launching more amazing projects until 2020.

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